CNC milling service

Beside the products in our shop we can offer a custom milling service. With our service you can create your own cockpit parts according to your needs and ideas.

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Which accuracy can be reached?
That depends on the particular axis. The size of the workpiece shown below is approx. 60 x 40 x 10 mm. In different tests we reached lengths of 59.9 to 60.0 mm and widths of 39.85 to 39.90 mm.

What is the maximum size of the workpiece?
That varies depending on the diameter of the mill. For a 3 mm mill (our standard mill) the maximum size is 326 x 203 mm.

How large can the unmanufactured material be?
Depending on the positioning either 500 x 272 mm or 452 x 320 mm.

Which materials can be cut?
We regularly cut PVC, acrylic glass, wood and aluminum. Harder metals are not possible.
Depending on your wish we can provide the material or you send us your desired material. Please bear in mind that we need some more material to test and to find out the best machine settings at your first order with your own material.

Do you have material for panels with backlight?
Yes, the material is available in 3 mm and 5 mm. Please understand that we cannot tell you the exact type of the material.

Which file format do you need?
We work with AutoCAD so we prefer DXF and DWG. Of course we can also read other formats (e.g. CATIA). None graphic formats cannot be processed (e.g. PDF).

Which mills do you use?
Our standard mill is a 3 mm mill. But we also use 2 mm mills and a 45° chamfer mill regularly. For wood we use 6 mm mills.

Is there anything else to take care of?
Please keep in mind that due to the radius of the mill there will remain a radius in the corners of inner contours.

What does the milling service cost?
Generally we charge 50 euro/hour (including VAT) for milling and the preparation (check of drawing, generation of milling data). Additionally material costs are depending on the specific material.

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