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3 x Toggle switch guard, hinged, black
1 x DCDU replica, USB
1 x Loudspeaker cover, D=90 mm, 2 mm PVC
1 x ADIRS knob large STD, replica
2 x Standard knob STD, replica
2 x Rudder trim knob small STD, replica
2 x LDG ELEV knob STD, replica
2 x Potentiometer knob STD, replica
2 x Transponder knob 1, replica
2 x Transponder knob 2, replica
2 x FCU knob STD, replica
2 x Rudder trim knob small PRO, replica
2 x Standard knob PRO, replica
2 x Potentiometer knob PRO, replica
2 x LDG ELEV knob PRO, replica
2 x ADIRS knob large PRO, replica
2 x FCU knob PRO, replica
1 x Landing Light switch, On-Off
2 x Temperature measurement board, 5 inputs
1 x Toggle switch set, 2x On-Off, 2x On-Off-On, flat cap
1 x Toggle switch set, 1x On-Off, 3x On-Off-On, flat cap
1 x Toggle switch, On-Off, flat cap
1 x Toggle switch, On-Off-On, flat cap
2 x Switch guard, PLA, 3D printed
2 x ARINC 429 HS Transmitter, USB
2 x ARINC 429 1x HS TX / 2x LS TX, USB
3 x A32X FCU Interface Board, LAN
2 x Dimmer 2, max. 5 A, max. 12 V, defeatable via input
2 x ARINC 429 2x LS RX, LAN
1 x Landing Light switch, On-Off-On
1 x Narrow Body Overhead Set 1
1 x Wide Body Overhead Set
1 x Narrow Body Overhead Set 2
2 x Rudder Trim Display, USB
2 x ARINC 429 LS Transceiver, USB
2 x Voltmeter Interface, USB
2 x Cable with sensor, billing per m
1 x Dimmer, max. 5 A, max. 12 V, defeatable via input
1 x Dimmer expansion, max. 5 A, max. 12 V
1 x Input connection board, for OC master card, 4 conn. per ground
1 x Output connection board, with dimmer, for OC master card
1 x Output connection board, for OC master card, 16x ground, 3x 5 V
2 x Input Board, LAN
2 x Output Board, Sink Type, LAN
1 x Microphone amplifier, 2 channels, for dyn. mic. (200 Ohm imp.)
1 x Microphone/gameport board, 4 mic. inputs, 2 gameport inputs
2 x A330/A340 FCU Interface Board, LAN
1 x Stepper board, USB, 16 connections
1 x Flat cable with connectors, billing per dm
2 x Thermocouple Board, USB
2 x Classic Gauges Board, USB
2 x Analog Voltage Board, USB
1 x D-ALPI Flight Dynamic Model
1 x Loudspeaker cover, D=88,8 mm, 4 mm PVC, milling fault
9.897,90 €
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