3D printing service

Since lately we can offer - besides our established CNC milling service - a 3D printing service. Especially prototypes can be produced fast and for a low price with this.

Please send your inquiries to

What kind of 3D printer do you use?
We can call an Ultimaker 2 our own :-)

Which accuracy can be reached?
Vertically we can print down to a layer thickness of 0.02 mm. But with this a job will take a lot of time and if this really makes sense for your part is another question.

What is the maximum size of the part?
We can print parts up to a size of 230 x 220 x 205 mm.

Which material do you use for printing?
Mainly we print with premium biocompatible PLA/PHA filament. Furthermore we offer filament with bronze, wood and carbon fibers. We can gladly advise you with the choice of material.

Which colors are available?
We have several colors in stock, on request we can order more. If you have any wishes, please contact us.

Which file format do you need?
The 3D object has to be available in STL format. But for sure we can open all common formats and we can convert them.

Is there anything else to take care of?
Especially overhangs in the model are difficult to print. In case of doubt, please contact us and we review your model to make a reliable statement.

What does the printing service cost?
To offer an optimal price even for large models we created a pricing model which is divided into printing time and material costs (per cm³ material).

For material costs we charge depending on the material:

Material Price per cm³ (including VAT)
PLA/PHA 0.10 euro
XT-20CF (20% carbon fibers) 0.20 euro
BronzeFill 0.50 euro
WoodFill 0.20 euro

The time costs can be calculated according to the following tiered pricing:

Hour Price for this hour (including VAT)
1 14.30 euro
2 8.30 euro
3 6.00 euro
4 5.20 euro
From hour 5 on each 4.80 euro
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3 x Toggle switch guard, hinged, black
1 x DCDU replica, USB
1 x Loudspeaker cover, D=90 mm, 2 mm PVC
1 x ADIRS knob large STD, replica
2 x Standard knob STD, replica
2 x Rudder trim knob small STD, replica
2 x LDG ELEV knob STD, replica
2 x Potentiometer knob STD, replica
2 x Transponder knob 1, replica
2 x Transponder knob 2, replica
2 x FCU knob STD, replica
2 x Rudder trim knob small PRO, replica
2 x Standard knob PRO, replica
2 x Potentiometer knob PRO, replica
2 x LDG ELEV knob PRO, replica
2 x ADIRS knob large PRO, replica
2 x FCU knob PRO, replica
1 x Landing Light switch, On-Off
2 x Temperature measurement board, 5 inputs
1 x Toggle switch set, 2x On-Off, 2x On-Off-On, flat cap
1 x Toggle switch set, 1x On-Off, 3x On-Off-On, flat cap
1 x Toggle switch, On-Off, flat cap
1 x Toggle switch, On-Off-On, flat cap
2 x Switch guard, PLA, 3D printed
2 x ARINC 429 HS Transmitter, USB
2 x ARINC 429 1x HS TX / 2x LS TX, USB
3 x A32X FCU Interface Board, LAN
2 x Dimmer 2, max. 5 A, max. 12 V, defeatable via input
2 x ARINC 429 2x LS RX, LAN
1 x Landing Light switch, On-Off-On
1 x Narrow Body Overhead Set 1
1 x Wide Body Overhead Set
1 x Narrow Body Overhead Set 2
2 x Rudder Trim Display, USB
2 x ARINC 429 LS Transceiver, USB
2 x Voltmeter Interface, USB
2 x Cable with sensor, billing per m
1 x Dimmer, max. 5 A, max. 12 V, defeatable via input
1 x Dimmer expansion, max. 5 A, max. 12 V
1 x Input connection board, for OC master card, 4 conn. per ground
1 x Output connection board, with dimmer, for OC master card
1 x Output connection board, for OC master card, 16x ground, 3x 5 V
2 x Input Board, LAN
2 x Output Board, Sink Type, LAN
1 x Microphone amplifier, 2 channels, for dyn. mic. (200 Ohm imp.)
1 x Microphone/gameport board, 4 mic. inputs, 2 gameport inputs
2 x A330/A340 FCU Interface Board, LAN
1 x Stepper board, USB, 16 connections
1 x Flat cable with connectors, billing per dm
2 x Thermocouple Board, USB
2 x Classic Gauges Board, USB
2 x Analog Voltage Board, USB
1 x D-ALPI Flight Dynamic Model
1 x Loudspeaker cover, D=88,8 mm, 4 mm PVC, milling fault
9.897,90 €
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