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Stepper board 2, LAN, 12 connections

Control board for steppers, drivers freely selectable.

Based on the stepper board for dashboard steppers, this board can control far more powerful steppers. The sockets for the drivers are compatible with Pololu A4988 and Pololu DRV8825 drivers. Each driver has its own DIP switch to control the microstepping options of the driver.
Other drivers can be used, too, as long as they are compatible with the pin layout. Connection examples can be found here:

12 connectors for steppers are available per board (4 pins). Furthermore 3 more pins are available for each motor to connect for instance a light barrier (5V, GND, TTL signal). For initialization, the steppers can also be driven towards the end stop, if the design and motor allow this. Please refer to the datasheet of your stepper for details.

The board is connected with a LAN cable and needs an additional 5 V power supply for the electronics and another supply for the steppers (depending on the steppers and drivers). The maximum allowable amperage for the motor supply is 6.5 A.

The steppers can be configured individually with the software Cockpit Connect. Generally it can be chosen between an initialization via light barrier (endless rotation) or via driving to the end stop.

Currently position data is accepted from FSUIPC and SIOC via the IOCP protocol. The values received are processed by a lookup table and then sent to the respective stepper. The lookup table allows an individual configuration of each stepper with irregularly scaled scales. The creation of the lookup table can be done comfortably with mouse and keyboard, simply change the value until the pointer is in the correct place. An annoying conversion of the scale is not needed.

Additionally a time constant can be defined for each stepper with that a sluggish behavior of the instrument can be imitated. The motors are grouped in 3 groups, each containing 4 connectors. For each group the speed of the steppers can be adjusted separately.

The connection of more than one board per PC is possible.

Download Cockpit Connect

Ready to ship in about two weeks.



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