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Dimmer, max. 5 A, max. 12 V, defeatable via input

This dimmer can dim all lamps (max. 12 V) that can be dimmed with pulse width modulation (PWM) between 0 and 100 % (e.g. LEDs or small bulbs). The lamps and their supply voltage (max. 12 V) can be connected via two separate screw terminals. The load must not exceed 5 A.
The board has an input with that the dimmer can be shut off. In this case the connected lamps are extinguished. To extinguish the lamps, ground has to be connected to the input. In any case the board needs a separate stable supply voltage of 5 volts. This should not be loaded with a high PWM load.
The brightness can be adjusted with a potentiometer (100 ohms to 1 megaohm) which is not included in the delivery contents.
In addition the board has a connection for dimmer expansions with that you can control other lamps of different voltages with the same potentiometer of this dimmer board (see "Dimmer expansion").

You need an external power source with 5 volts. Potentiometer not included in delivery contents.
All grounds of power supplies of dimmer and expansions have to be connected to each other.

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